St Lawrence's Church of England Primary School

Caring, Considerate, Courageous


Key Diary Dates

November 2018

28th and 29th Nursery Home Visits


December 2018

3rd             Last Week of Clubs

4th            Y3 Last Swimming

5th            Y1 - YoYo - ‘It’s Your Christmas’ Workshop

5th            YoYo - ‘It’s Your Christmas’ Worship

5th            Y4 - YoYo - ‘It’s Your Christmas’ Workshop

5th            Nursery Settling in Session 1

4th            Y3 Last Swimming

7th            Christmas Fayre

11th          Christmas Carol Service at St Lawrence’s – 9.15am

11th          EYFS Nativity for Parents – 2.00pm

12th         KS1 Christmas Play - 2.00pm

12th          Nursery Settling in Session 2

13th          Christmas Disco

14th          Christmas Jumper Day!

14th          Christmas Lunch    

18th          Christmas Disco

19th          School closes for Christmas break