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Admission Policy 2018 - 2019

Admission Policy 2019 - 2020

Admissions Policy 2020 - 2021

This year's Admissions Consultation is being jointly held by all admissions authorities in the City of York between 08 October and 07 December 2018.  The consultation includes the admissions policies and planned number of places available at each school in the year(s) of entry.  The views of parent/carers, schools and other interested parties are being sought during this consultation.
To respond, you can write to us, email  or complete this short survey at 

Following the consultation, each admission authority will formally set ('determine') their admission arrangements for admission in 2020/21 by 28 February 2019.  Determined policies will be on all admissions authorities own websites by 15 March 2019 after which objections can be raised.
All documents found below at this stage are in their draft (pre-determined) form. 
The St Lawrence's draft policy for 2020/21 is available here, the planned number of places (PAN) for Reception  in September 2020 is 30.

Anti-Bullying Policy

British Values Policy

Behaviour Policy 

Calculation Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Complaints Policy

Data Protection Policy

E-Safety Policy

Equalities Policy

Exclusions Policy

GDPR Policy

Health and Safety Policy 

Homework Guide for Parents

Home School Agreement

Manual Handling of Pupils Policy

Medicine Policy

Parent Protocol

Physical Intervention Policy

Religious Education Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 

SEN Offer

Sex Education Policy

Worship Policy

If you would like to request a paper copy of any of our policies please see the School Office.

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Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust  is working to consolidate and publish Trust wide policies. 

Please click here to view the Pathfinder MAT policies website page.