St Lawrence's Church of England Primary School

Caring, Considerate, Courageous





In consultation with the children we have developed an “anti-bullying policy” which has agreed anti-bullying statements. The policy is reviewed and re-negotiated each year. A copy of the agreement is in each classroom.


Our De-bullying Rules

 If someone is bothering you:

Ignore them

Move away

Talk friendly

Talk firmly

Get adult help


All members of the school community are invited to sign a Home-School Agreement setting out the responsibilities of the school, the parent and the child.


Home/School Rules
I show respect to everyone


I take good care of all equipment and the school building


I walk inside the school quietly


I keep my hands and feet to myself


I wear the school uniform and I am tidy in appearance every day


I am helpful and do as I am asked immediately


I do all my homework and class work as well as I can


I bring all the equipment I need every day




I promise to tell if I am bullied or I see anyone being bullied



Please click here to see the St Lawrence's Anti-Bullying policy.