St Lawrence's Church of England Primary School

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Learning at Home


Please click here to read the Pathfinder Home Learning Universal Offer.


Þ The teacher will mark each piece of work as normal and then return to the child.

Þ Refer parents to the list of websites (including YouTube with examples of learning) sent out to support with reading learning.

Þ Daily reading UFOs will be sent. This will be returned to the class teacher, who will mark this and then return back to the child. There will be a minimum of 3 questions and task time is 20-30 minutes.


Þ Set a writing task which will last 1 - 2 weeks.

Monday: Send an inspiring picture and children annotate with nouns, verbs and adjectives. (20-30 minutes)
Tuesday: Phrases, sentences using the nouns, verbs and adjectives. (20-30 minutes)
Wednesday/Thursday: Task e.g. description, story, diary. The task will have a success criteria. (No less than 30 minutes)
Friday: Edit (No less than 30 minutes)
The teacher will then feedback.

Þ The piece of work will have success criteria which the child will self assess.

Þ Each piece of work will have a personalised target at the top for the child to focus on.



Þ Daily UFOs will be sent. These will only recycle skills previously taught (30 minutes)

Þ Maths worksheets will be sent with instructions on how to complete this at the top (no less than 30 minutes).

Þ Then fluency, reasoning and problem solving will be sent on one sheet.

Þ Teachers will send the maths basic skills sheets.

Þ Timetables rock stars reminders will be sent. Staff will log on to track children’s learning and give feedback.


Þ Space Grammar will be sent each day.

Þ Send worksheets that recycle sounds that children already know.

Useful Website Links









English Hub Letters and Sounds 


Other useful websites for learning resources 






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Click Here for Information about How to Clean Devices such as Mobile Phone, Laptops and Computers, Game Controllers and Consoles.




How to Join Google Classroom


1) Open Google on your computer/laptop/chromebook or
download Google Classroom on your Ipad. Good news! It’s

2) If you are on a computer/laptop/chromebook in the top right
corner you will see 9 dots. Next to the dots it says ‘Gmail’.
Click on ‘Gmail’ and when it shows you your parents Gmail
accounts, press use another account.

2a) If you are on Ipad, open the app… Go onto the next step.

3) It will ask you for a phone number or email. Use your
chromebook email e.g 14 ,your name, first letter of your
surname, Press next. Enter your
chromebook password. Press next.

4) Select ‘Squirrels’ or press ‘join’.

5) Now enjoy, chat with friends and most of all LEARN!!!! : )